London – 9.24 min
Cusco – 9.46 min

‘Stellae’ is an audio piece consisting of two soundscapes, which were made using a VLF (Very Low Frequency) recorder. This device measures frequencies in the electromagnetic field above the earth. It can thus collect data from natural phenomena, such as lightning, the Northern Light and the dispersion of sunrays at sunrise or sunset. By connecting the VLF receiver to an audio recorder, the data is transferred into sound. In this way, the project gives a voice to these silent phenomena. However, the receiver can also measure the disruption of Wi-Fi and phone signals, and even catch radio waves.

The recordings for ‘Stellae’ were made in two locations: the metropolis of London and in the Sacred Valley around Cusco, Peru. Characterised by heavy light pollution, the recordings in London were made in and around the area of Piccadilly Circus – a hectic work and tourist area in the city centre. The recordings in Peru on the other hand, were made in various remote villages, on top of Andean mountain at over 4000 metres altitude, as well as during a solar eclipse.

Thanks to Pjotr Lasschuit and Paul Devens

Eline Kersten